Live on CCTV Channel 9 @ 5pm every 2nd/4th Sunday

(repeats @ 10:30pm the next Monday) You can also watch it HERE.

Also on SCAT Channel 3 @ 2am Wednesdays and 12am Saturdays

Hosted by the infamous musical force the "Kindergarten Killers" (Jonathan Killer, Mara Killer, and frontman/spiritual leader/joke teller Alistair Killer) since April 2004, the (sometimes very loose) focus of the show will be problems with, and alternatives to the use and overuse of, personal automobiles.  Do not expect fair and balanced reporting.  This is 27 minutes to push our own agenda and have fun.  Expect rambling ranting, video-clips, pictures, live interviews with any relevant or irrelevant guests we can get (bike couriers, activists, Dutch people, tow truck drivers, police, MBTA officials...) and God (Lemmy) knows what else.

Each episode includes current alternative transportation news, Alistair Killer's joke, a featured bike of the fortnight and recent footage of local bands and/or alternative transportation oriented events.

Contact: femail at kindergartenkillers dot com